Monkey-Case - 4 - ELEMENT


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Our product offer includes:

Monkey Case- the backpack consists of three main elements:

Element 1 - the assessor element organizer

Element 2- the water resistant bag

Element 3 - six Velcro straps that give the ability of multiple mounting positions

Element 4
– the multifunction universal receptacle or (M.U.R): this provides the main framework for all possible mountings to the different equipment. Here are just a few sports and activities: (ATV) quad riding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Motor sports, Horseback riding, Cycling, mountain hiking, roller blading, rock climbing (all frames, belts, nets and many others attachments).

(The M.U.R. is compatible with the chesty Mount grip which allows the case to be used as a small backpack)

Cleaning this product is by hand only.

This product is an all man made, each product will vary slightly due to its non-factory line production process.

This product is water resistant and not suitable for swimming, diving, snorkeling, or other under water sports and or activities.