Our product offer includes:

Monkey-Case - the backpack consists of four main elements:



Diagram I

1. Position open case with camera pouches down facing you
2. Fold over right flap (#1) of case until covering main body of case
3. Fold in (attaching via Velcro to first side) both upper and lower flaps(#2)
4. Fold over left flap(#3) onto flap #1
5. Press down lightly on each Velcro attachment for proper connection and tight fit


Diagram II

1. Position the Multifunctional Universal Holder (M.U.H) with tail down and MONKEY- CASE logo facing down and away
2. Place the case in the middle of M.U.H as shown in Diagram II
3. Connect clips on both right and left sides on M.U.H (as shown Step 1)
4. Connect clip above and below (as shown Step 2)


Diagram III

1. Multifunctional Universal Holder or (M.U.H) and case are now ready for velcro straps.
2. Loop any of the six straps (enclosed with the original package) through any side or front facing belt slots.
3. Diagram III(a.) Case in now ready to be attached to your gear or equipment.
4. Locate a frame of chosen equipment for strap to be fastened via the Velcro sides.
5. Diagram III(b.) Action cameras harnesses can be looped through the M.U.H and used as a backpack. (shown in Diagram III(b.) )


(***Action camera harness, accesories not included***)



Element 1 - the accessory element organizer

Element 2 - the water resistant bag

Element 3 - six Velcro straps that give the ability of multiple mounting positions

Element 4
- the multifunctional universal holder (M.U.H): this provides the main framework for all possible mountings to the different equipment. Here are just a few sports and activities: (ATV) quad riding, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, motor sports, horseback riding, cycling, mountain hiking, rollerblading, rock climbing (all frames, belts, nets and many others attachments).

(The M.U.H. is compatible with the chesty mount harness which allows the case to be used as a small backpack)

Cleaning this product is by hand only.

This product is all man made, each product may slightly vary due to its non-factory line production process.

This product is water resistant.

Action camera harness and accesories not included