Today’s amateur filming has become Impulsive, Spontaneous and Fast.  Monkey-Case is the solution to these challenges – a water resistant easy go pack for action cameras and GoPro gear !

About Us: 

This venture started with four friends traveling through Europe together. All looking for an experience, new adventures but most important a flawless recording of those times together. To do this you need the right camera at the right time.  This means proper storage!!

Where can we hold all of our GoPro accessories while traveling, doing sports, or just playing around?   How can we manage all the camera attachments and accessories?  It was a constant battle holding them while riding, hiking, biking, or playing. The ingenious action camera travel pack was the answer!

After several trips, using the latest travel gear, we came to the conclusion that we needed to create our own unique solution. A pouch that fits as much GoPro camera gear and equipment as possible and at the same time be functional and flexible to fit all our transports, rides, and riggings. We realized having the right accessory at the right time was the key to capturing the perfect shot or footage of whatever we were doing. Being ready to take the next amazing shot or moment is paramount.  Our answer to this challenge is Monkey- Case- a multifunctional universal GoPro case! 

So, now the question!  Why a Monkey…?  Well a clever, multi-tasking, highly coordinated, utilitarian creature like a monkey is perfect a representation of our solution of the action camera pack that does it all.